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Kendra teaches students ranging from five to ninety-five in voice, piano, and guitar. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Voice from Oklahoma City University, and a Master of Music degree in Historical Performance at the Longy School of Music. She uses her knowledge of vocal pedagogy to help students develop healthy technique, while exploring a variety of musical styles. Kendra believes her students should understand practical aspects of music, while also exploring their own interpretation of a piece. She believes that music lessons are a means to build social skills, fine and gross motor skills, work ethic, confidence, and a greater appreciation of the arts. As a result her students learn to appreciate what they uniquely have to offer and have gone on to successful universities and music programs. Kendra is a proud member of The National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS) and Early Music America 

Teaching Statement

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What Students Are Saying

"Kendra has undoubtedly shaped me into the singer I am today. When I started taking lessons with her when I was in middle school, I had little to no technique and was singing very unhealthfully. Over the course of taking lessons, I have developed my true soprano head voice with her assistance. She has challenged me by working with me on opera and art songs, while also helping me on musical theatre audition materials and pieces from my performances. There was a drastic shift in my voice after starting lessons with her, and I started to book more leading roles in local musical productions. I am so lucky to work with Kendra and highly recommend taking lessons with her!" -Camille W. 

"I felt like I improved with each lesson. I learned so much as a singer that I never would have learned on my own." -Abigail P.

What I Teach


I offer private voice lessons as young as ten years old, depending on physical and vocal development. Lesson length and intensity is based on age and previous musical experience.

*Younger students may be considered on a case by case basis


Beginning Piano

I offer private piano lessons for students as young as five years old. Lesson length and intensity is based on age and previous musical experience. 

Beginning Guitar

I offer private guitar lessons for students as young as five years old. Lesson length and intensity is based on age and previous musical experience. 


All Lessons Include:

-Music Reading and Music Theory; including notes in multiple clefs, rhythm, and expressive markings. All students will practice Sight-Reading or Sight-Singing in the lessons, until they are able to practice effectively on their own. 

-Technical Exercises to practice weekly; age and technically appropriate exercises to help master physical and mental execution of the instrument.

-Repertoire Selection; the student and I will choose songs that help their musical development and explore several genres of music. Lessons often cover a wide range of musical styles; such as Classical, Musical Theater, and Contemporary music.

-Audition Prep and Performance Skills; students are welcome to bring any audition materials to lessons to be rehearsed. Students will also learn how to prepare music, manage performance anxiety, and showcase their personalities in the audition room. 


I expect students to practice several times per week in between lessons to make the most of our work together. I strive to set clear weekly practice goals for each student based on age and musical goals. 

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